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Rounder Food Trailer
Brown 280cm

Body size :280x200x240cm  LxWxH
Inside size:260x188x195cm  LxWxH
Towbar length:120cm
Tare Mass:500kg
Chassis:Galvanized steel pipe 3x5cm
Frame:Galvanized steel pipe 3x3cm
Thermal insulation:Cotton 3cm
Axles:Hunterman(default),AL-KO Brand(optional)
Wheel hub:Chrome plated wheel hub
Brakes:Disc brake
Shock absorption    :5 springs
Floor: Wood board+Non -slip aluminum plate
Body material:FRP+
Color steel plate

Inside material: Color steel plate
Stabilizer legs:AL-KO brand
Jockey wheels:500kg
Power Inlet :100~380V
Water inlet : Tap water or water tank
Tail light  :E4 taillights


Standard Description:
Standard description:
1.Exterior material: FRP+
Color steel plate.
2.Interior material: white color steel plate.
3.Outside configuration: tow bar with coupling, power inlet connector, service window, folding table,side window, tail lights system,any color painting,jacks
4.Inside configuration: led lights, electric system, anti-slip floor, breaker,working counter,wall shelf.
5.Customized color : any color available, you can choose color from
6.Customized size: length from 2.3m to 5.0m
7.Inside need customize, default inside no range hood, no any cooking equipment,no fridge etc

This food trailers/foodtrucks are customized, the price is the basic price, excluding equipment,shipping cost.
You can contact us to get the quotation.

Why choose us?

1. We have 20 years of production experience, export to 80+ countries, and produce food trailers that meet the standards of different countries. We understand your custom needs better.

2. Our factory has applied for SAE World Factory and obtained the certification, our food trailer can provide the only valid VIN number, which can help you to register the license.

3. We promise that all food trailers have a 10-year warranty (including all accessories, replacement of accessories for kitchen equipment)

4. Our factory has strict production testing (including testing in the production process, 8 major tests before leaving the factory)

5.Free design drawings (your custom food trailer)

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